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Whipped this up last Friday... A group of young adults entrusted by the Celestials with the powers to protect the earth and the stars...

Cancer: K.C.- Has an indestructible exoskeleton and mighty pincers. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, but honest and ready to rumble.

Gemini: Dio- Can create multiples- one at a time- but can not control what personality trait will rule his duplicate- which leads to the unexpected.

Aries: Dale- Headstrong and wants to be the leader- but while he has the intellect and strategy- he lacks some of the personal skills.

Taurus: Hattie- Smart, Independent and the strength of the team. A little lacking in the confidence department, as she doubts herself too much.

Leo: Atlas- The Braggart of the bunch- excellent senses and acrobatic abilities. Loves himself and is always looking to be in the limelight.

Virgo: Demi- Her dress material can be manipulated into any shape size or density that Demi wants. She can control the material once one swatch of fabric is touching her skin.

Pisces: Koi- Twin of Makara- doesn't like people, doesn't like the job, doesn't like injustice... Has super dense skin and is able to transform body parts to mimic sea life for specific purposes.

Aquarius: Makara- Koi's better twin. Very polite and quiet- she possesses the ability to control water.

Capricorn: Enki- The mischievous inventor of the bunch, Uses his power gauntlets and can transform partially into a goat- but fights off that urge...

Libra: Libby- The leader of the bunch. Confident, strong and always looking out for balance and justice. She is able to "Leech" off others powers to balance the fight with budding telepathic abilities. Does not have to touch them to get power.

Scorpio: Baja- Powerful stinger and impervious to harm. Body can adapt to any environment...His body armor and skin change as he adapts.

Sagittarius: Melanie- Melanie is the troublemaker of the bunch. Sarcastic and blunt- brutal in some case. Hiding her insecurities with false bravado. Expert marksman and she's a freaking Centaur.


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About 4-6 inches...
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I'll try to do this after Thanksgiving. Sounds like a unique and fun challenge.
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